Riggio Forum: Lisa Cohen / Ricky Tucker & Nico Rosario

Esther Murphy, Mercedes de Acosta, and Madge Garland were trailblazers of fashion, Feminism, sexuality, and the editorial process in the early 20th century. Together they would carve out hauteall-we-know-now1 couture lifestyles that would serve as placeholders for affluent queer socialites during the latter part of the same century.

In All We Know: Three Lives, Lisa Cohen explores these women in their burgeoning era through distinct narratives that intersect circumstance and their impact on the aesthetic world.

In Ms. Cohen’s Riggio Forum, she reads through several of the book’s passages.  Later during the Q&A portion, she and moderator Honor Moore consider how these women reshaped fashion magazines such as Vogue and the role of narrative in biography.


Ricky Tucker is an art critic, editor, and short-storyteller.  He can quote Designing Women but not Shakespeare.

When not on the dance floor, Nico Rosario splits her time between writing about non-dance culture, making mixtapes, and Easy-Jetsetting.

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