Profile: Greil Marcus / Ashawnta Jackson

In a recent interview with Columbus Alive, writer and Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy faculty member Greil Marcus had this to say about how he approaches music writing, “I’m really more interested in how does a performer or just a song develop a language that’s different, and how do we learn that language? How do we respond to it?” This idea, that music has a language, a specific and important language is one that’s worth exploring. The sounds of blues guitar or the thumping bass of electronica are all... Read The Rest →

Impeccable Tolerance of a Brilliant Man / Eric Springer

He’s going to kill me for writing this (or maybe not). I first met John Reed during a summer writing intensive where he was teaching a two-hour screenwriting workshop. I was immediately taken by his relaxed demeanor, and the simple and easy way he taught. So much so that when, with his boyish smile, he plugged his fiction writing workshop for the following semester, I made note to attend. That fall, I went to sign up for the class and found that it was full. When I went to talk... Read The Rest →

Riggio Profile: Jamie Hook / Zoe Rivka Panagopoulos

“I’m really good at working with people but really bad at working for people.” And indeed he is. Jamie Hook is a freelance producer, film director, editor, and more recently, contributor to the Riggio Honors Program for Writing and Democracy’s Digital Documentary class. With ambitions of generating our very own web video content using only iPhone cameras and Final Cut Pro, class supervisor John Reed called Jamie in to provide some sound technical guidance. And by guidance, I mean instructions. One hour and 50 minutes later, we all had a... Read The Rest →

Ralph Ortiz: Rikers Island

Ralph Ortiz was born and raised in the Bronx. He is a city employee, a New School student, and a married father of two girls.

Profile: Leigh Stein / Naima Asjad

Since its inception at The New School in 2006, the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy has been a platform of initiation for many young writers. Whether they will go on to become highly published authors is not an issue that occupies their minds. At Riggio, it is all about writing. With established authors and poets as their instructors, Riggio students focus on what they can learn from these mentors; the accomplishment, for many, comes in the form of a clear expression of ideas and in the process of writing... Read The Rest →

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