Riggio Forum: In Celebration of William Gaddis / Josué Rivera

Teetering on my lap is a staggering 600-pag book, titled Letters of William Gaddis and published by the literary journal Conjunctions and Dakley Press. The book chronicles 70 some years of letters written by author William Gaddis. The letters reveal introspections, conversations, disillusionment, complications of work and family, experiences of revolution, and the forging of seminal works of literature by America’s postmodern literary darling, described by the New York Times Book Review as, “a presiding genius . . . of post war fiction.” Bradford Morrow, founder of the literary journal... Read The Rest →

A Fresh Clean Slate / Ashawnta Jackson & Naima Asjad

A Fresh Clean Slate 1: Ashawnta Jackson There have always been stories to tell about New York. There is a sense of romanticism about the city. It lives in popular imagination as a neon-lit playground, a place moved by words, images, and sounds. People come here to be lost or found. This image keeps them constantly flowing, moving in and out of the place that builds and crushes dreams. It is a powerful poetic vision when considered within the context of the 40s and early 50s. New York, surrounded by... Read The Rest →

Profile: Leigh Stein / Naima Asjad

Since its inception at The New School in 2006, the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy has been a platform of initiation for many young writers. Whether they will go on to become highly published authors is not an issue that occupies their minds. At Riggio, it is all about writing. With established authors and poets as their instructors, Riggio students focus on what they can learn from these mentors; the accomplishment, for many, comes in the form of a clear expression of ideas and in the process of writing... Read The Rest →

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